UI Design Challenge - TCO18 India Regional Onsite Event (Topcoder Competition)

Problem Statement:

For TCO18 India, we are looking for you to create the visual design for an iOS iPhone app that will help homeowners manage their trash/garbage disposal. We are looking to bring the simplicity of an "uber" like experience in managing residential trash pickup and removal.

Topcoder Urls:

Total Visual Screens Created:

For Mobile:

12 Screens (Including interactions)

Work Type:

UI Design Competition (Individual)

Winning Place:

Finale winner 1st place from India


21 July 2018 (5 Hours)


Ashish Durgude (Competitor)

Tools Used:

Due to topcoder policy (Non-disclosure agreement), I can't share this work in public because I am one of the top 2 winners in this challenge.

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