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OpenShift.io Teams

Project Statement:

Design a user management system which will help user to manage members by setting user privileges and by creating teams inside OpenShift.io

Project Brief:

Before going into the details of this project, I will tell you about OpenShift.io.

What is OpenShift.io?

Red Hat OpenShift.io is a highly collaborative open-source, web-based application lifecycle management (ALM) solution. It is a next-generation product for developers to manage the development lifecycle with one efficient tool. It enables you to plan, create, and deploy hybrid cloud services. It utilizes many open source projects like fabric8, Eclipse Che, and OpenShift Online. It provides an integrated approach to DevOps enables you to plan, create, and deploy hybrid cloud services.

To know more, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxRDHpz5pg0

Purpose of OpenShift.io Teams

OpenShift.io is an organization and in the organization, there are different spaces in which user can set their work environment. To know more about OpenShift.io Spaces, Click here

There are members who work on the organizational level as well as on the space level. It's is difficult to manage a huge amount of people from different architectural level without a proper systematical approach and that approach is nothing but OpenShift.io Teams. The purpose of OSIO Team is to create a team based on the project requirement or different architectural level and assign them privileges so that they will not conflict with each other's work.

Work Type:

UX Project (Interaction + Competitive Analysis + Wireframe)


Apr 2018 - Jun 2018 (3 Months)


Ashish Durgude (Visual Designer)

Murugesan Ganesan (UX Manager)

Tools Used:


What was my work?

My work was to create a concept of OSIO Teams, do a research on teams structure in the applications which are available in the market and make wireframes to showcase the interaction between screens.

This project was divided among 3 designers for different areas of member management.

1. OSIO Teams work was given to me.

2. Organization level member management work was assigned to Michael Celedonia.

3. User privileges work was assigned to Laura Wright.

Competitive Analysis:

There are four web applications (project management tools) which have the team structure defined and are popular for it. Those applications are:

After selecting competitors, I started working on a competitive analysis of these applications based on two operations:

1. Creating team and adding members:

The purpose of this study is for understanding how the competitors are creating teams in a workplace for member and workflow managment and how they are adding a member to those teams. This study has been performed for all 4 applications.

1.A Jira Software

1.B. Projectplace

1.C. Trello

1.D. VersionOne

2. User Privileges:

The purpose of this study is for understanding how the competitors are setting user privileges for existing members and how many roles they can assign to members.

2.A. Jira Software

2.B. Projectplace

2.C. Trello

2.D. VersionOne

Paper sketches:

To get the idea of basic layout structure, I started working on paper sketches. The competitive analysis helped me for understanding the context and because of context knowledge, I was able to produce different ideas for layout. below I am attaching a few paper sketches that I have worked on.


After doing lot of paper sketches, I started working on wireframes. The digital wireframe was needed because I wanted to align it with Patternfly. Below I have attached some of the wireframes that I have worked on.

Visual Design:

After deciding on which wireframe to follow, the visual design work was assigned to Michael.

Who helped me in this project other than muru?

Catherine Robson

Laura Wright

Michael Celedonia

Thank you for reading this project.

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Copyright 2018, Ashish Durgude