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GUARD - Insurance One Stop Shop Platform Design Concept Challenge (Topcoder Competition)

Problem Statement:

For this challenge, we need to create the look and feel for our “one-stop shop” platform that will offer intelligent protection gadgets and any other insurance items needed for our customers that work within our protection ecosystem.

Topcoder Url:

Total Visual Screens Created:

For Desktop:

62 Screens (Including interactions)

For Mobile:

45 Screens (Including interactions)

Work Type:

Web Design Competition (Individual)

Winning Place:

Checkpoint winner 4th place


11 Nov 2017 - 20 Dec 2017


Ashish Durgude (Competitor)

Tools Used:

Here I am displaying some of the visual designs I created for insurance one stop shop platform application.
(Excluding Interactions)

Want to see complete design flow?

Follow the marvelapp link below:

For Desktop:

For Mobile:

In the end, I hope that you liked my work.

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