D3-Collab - Bridging the collaboration gap between designers and developers on the enterprise level


Collaboration between the designers and the developers is the most critical task in the attempt to roll-out a product in a given timeline. Despite of consistent efforts, the enterprises are still struggling to deal with this gap. Even after designers give a design handoff to developers, they need to rework on the UI coding rather than focusing on its backend functionalities and this process can be lengthy and iterative. This paper introduces D3-Collab, a comprehensive collaboration tool for designers and developers to collaborate effectively in the iterative process of the product development. This application will help designers to give a design handoff (to developers) as well as it will help developers to get the real-time design updates to replace only the specific part of the code where the changes are found during the analysis of the available versions of the design files, which are sent by the designer.


Human-computer interaction (HCI), UI, UX, Visual design, Interaction design, Design & development, Design tool.

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International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET)


Research Paper

Volume & Issue of Research Paper:

Volume 5, Issue 6

Published On:

June 2018


Ashish Durgude

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